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Experience they say is the best teacher. This, of course, applies to the field of plumbing. By having a high level of experience in plumbing, more than just a few services related to plumbing can be easily carried out. Even with the necessary tools and resources, not just anybody can deliver the premium plumbing service to a home or building. This is where SK Plumbing comes in. As a matter of fact, we offer the best services with the help of our highly qualified and experienced plumbers. This goes a long way in improving the overall results of the plumbing in a much more better and efficient way.

SK Plumbing is a company looking to ensure people get the best plumbing services in Weston super mare and the surrounding environs. By specialising our work in all aspects of plumbing and heating our customers can easily get the best of Weston super Mare plumbing through our company. This is because the entire team of experienced staff are trustworthy, dependable, and skillfully committed to the job.




Gas safe registered you can rest assured we are fully qualified and professional.


Established in 2013 we’re relatively new but with plenty of experience and all our certificates up to date, you can rest easy.


Based in Weston Super Mare, we also cover Bristol and surrounding areas.

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What We Do


When it comes to the installation of plumbing equipment and items, we are always there to help you achieve that. The entire company supports clients by providing trained plumbing experts and professional plumbers who can handle anything problem or task. We also provide kitchen and bathroom design style ideas to help homeowners make the best choice that fits their home needs.

Far from these, plumbers can easily deliver kitchen and bathroom installation of heating systems. Here’s a brief rundown on some of the plumbing services offered.

Boiler Service & Installation

Not too technical, this special process can be easily done by professionals. Most times, it involves connecting your boiler to your electrical heating controls. Expert plumbers are the best option when it comes to getting this process done in your home.

Taps, Showers & Pumps

Taps, showers, and pumps are major components of a home. As a homeowner, we recommend you choose experts for the installation of these around your home.

Bathroom Refurbishment

If you are looking to give your bathroom a better look, then this is the right option for that. In fact, renovation and redecoration of the bathroom are a very common plumbing service people get today.


Over time, plumbing equipment can begin to wear out and show faults. This can be due to damage incurred by environmental elements. It is important to introduce repair services, especially if the item is not too bad. This would reduce the cost involved when compared with that of the cost of a full replacement.

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